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Linetech Warranty

Spare Parts FOC (% based on order quantity not on value)
CG Series/offline UPS
1 year
2% PCB or 1% PCB + 1% battery
NG Series/online high freq.UPS
1 year
2% PCB sets (power PCB+control PCB+charging PCB)
BG Series/online low freq. UPS
1 year
2% important parts (IGBT + XT501 transformer + Charger)
HG Series/inverter
1 year
2% main PCB
BC Series/battery charger
1 year
2% main PCB
SP Series/solar product
1 year
2% main PCB
SLA Series/sealed lead acid battery
1 year
2‰ complete battery unit 

1. The warranty is only valid due to the product quality problem; Linetech makes no warranties for damages 
    resulting from corrupted or lost data due to a mistaken installation or operation or malfunction of the product,
    the software, personal computers or peripheral devices. 
2. Altered, defaced or removed serial numbers of the product will terminate the warranty.
3. Linetech is entitled to discontinue the warranty period if the repair is being undertaken by unprofessional 
    persons other than by the authorized professional and technical personnels of the distributor.
4. Linetech suggests customers to buy some extra PCBs or batteries or important components in each order
   despite of the spares that Linetech offers free of charge.